About - Scott Davidson

Far away in Hawai’i, among the most isolated chain of islands in the world, beyond the resorts and restaurants, beneath the snorkel tours and whale watching excursions, away from the bumper to bumper traffic on Hana Highway, lies a magical island teeming with an intricate diversity of life and landscapes. This is Maui.

Come see it through our eyes. The humpback whales, sea turtles and spinner dolphins catch us. But it is the hidden pathway opening on a stand of plumeria or the sunset along a lonely farm road in Kaupo or the surf crashing on volcanic rock shrouded in mist that captures us. It is this intimacy, these intricacies, that give us the deepest experience of Maui. This is where our hearts lie. In the middle of our subject matter. Capturing beautiful places for your beautiful spaces.

We are Scott and Kristin Davidson of LightSavor Photography. For many years our sole artistic purpose has been to capture the beauty before us in a single image in a single moment. This meant we had to master traditional photographic techniques, like use of motion, time lapse, light painting, and filters, then use them at a moment’s notice wherever we found ourselves.

Of all the places we’ve been to none captured our creative spirits like Maui. We were engaged here in 2005 and returned in 2006 to be married in a simple ceremony, barefoot on the beach. For the next 10 years, we would spend two weeks a year visiting, exploring, and photographing Maui, until, in January 2017, we threw all caution to the wind, liquidated our possessions, and made the move. Maui no ka 'oi!

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